Lockerly Arboretum Volunteer Appreciation

GC students from the Grassmann Ceramic studio team “CeramiCart – Art in Action” recently brewed teas and coffee for all at Lockerly Arboretum and offered a moment to muse amongst the cultivated shrubs, herbs, flowers and trees. Shared experience and community partnership were at the heart of their efforts. It’s great to see students fully engaged in an academic project and see how they will make every effort to extend themselves physically and conceptually. Knowing that they are doing something unique or special for others provides an impetus to practice kindness. Providing free beverages isn’t that interesting, but providing experiences with carefully considered elements is altogether something else: it is crafting experience through art and that’s pretty special.

Participants included students: Tamara Green, Bethany Hull, Abigail LeRoy, Grady Boyle, Nikita Harajani, Emily Eubanks, Savannah Cottle, Daniel Woffington and Tyler Reynolds.


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