USDA Grant funds the creation of the Center of Design and E-Commerce (CODEC)

Talking points:

  • Georgia College recently received a $63,000 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) The USDA Rural Business Development grant will enable rural counties in Georgia to overcome significant challenges, including size; limited financial, technological, and human resources; and limited exposure to the global marketplace, by partnering with Georgia College’s CODEC to develop e-commerce websites, effective social media pages and enhanced search engine optimization of their websites.
  • “The grant project is based on the fact that central Georgia’s small businesses play a crucial role in contributing to the region’s economic recovery,” said Caroline Collier, Center of Design and E-Commerce (CODEC) director and lecturer in the Department of Information Systems and Computer Science. “With a change in marketing techniques and expansion into global markets using e-commerce services made possible through CODEC, we hope that new businesses will once again thrive in central Georgia.”
  • CODEC will educate rural businesses on how to develop e-commerce websites, create effective social media pages and improve search engine optimization (SEO) of their websites using simple tutorial videos. The center will provide on-site support and assistance as well as a series of three tutorial videos for businesses to use featuring an e-commerce series, social media series and SEO series. Students from the Department of Mass Communication will film and edit the tutorial videos.
  • This project will also include students from a large spectrum of majors like management, information systems, computer science, mass communication and marketing. The project will benefit students by giving them hands-on experience in their fields, while also benefiting small businesses located in rural counties in Georgia.



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