Music Therapy Clinic partners with Baldwin County Schools

  • On April 28, 2016, the Baldwin County School System and the Music Therapy Clinic of Georgia College proudly presented “Friends to the Last Note”, the premier musical performance showcasing the talents of over 30 students with exceptional needs in the Baldwin County School District and several music therapy students from Georgia College.
  • The morning featured performances from Oak Hill Middle’s very own Evolution alongside the backup singers, the Butterfly Rocks, as well as performances from Creekside Elementary student groups, The Busy Bees and The Rockin’ Knights. The show concluded with a performance by Mustang Thunder from Midway Elementary.
  • The partnership between the Baldwin County School System and the Music Therapy Clinic of Georgia College officially began in January of 2016, but the idea was presented earlier in the school year.
  • Dr. Price, superintendent of the Baldwin County School district, is passionate about the arts in education and values the role music therapy can provide in the educational, emotional and social development of students who have exceptional needs.
  • The new partnership has allowed students, who may not otherwise have the opportunity, to discover and show off their talents to their families and friends. The morning’s performance is just one aspect of the collaborative program, as music therapy addressed many other nonmusical needs of the students such as expressive communication, interpersonal skills and impulse control.
  • The mission of the Music Therapy Clinic of Georgia College is twofold: to provide quality music therapy services for individuals and groups with a variety of strengths and needs in the central Georgia community and to provide engaged clinical experiences for music therapy students under the mentorship of a professional music therapist.
  • Since January these students have been working with licensed music therapist Katie Whipple, the clinic coordinator and lecturer in the music therapy program at Georgia College, as well as, music therapy graduate assistant Carolyn Vinson and music therapy students Kenzi Podell and Meagan Brickell.

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