Three 2016 seniors graduate with help of local foundation

Talking Points:

  • Summer 2016 graduates Bria Brown, Alberto Eguia and Erin Lawrence received funds to pay significant amount of college expenses from the Greensboro Dreamers
  • Program started included community service, afterschool programs, attending school two Saturday’s a month and summer school.
  • Greensboro Dreamers is a chapter of I Have a Dream Foundation. Founders of the rural chapter of the organization: husband and wife Tom and Kathy Kelly.


“The Greensboro Dreamers played a major role in planning for college,” said senior Erin Lawrence who is also a community health major. “I am thankful for having substantial help outside of school and home that was adamant about my preparation for college and real world experiences.”

According to senior Alberto Eguia, a management major, he is also thankful for the preparation he had for college.

“We learned so much about what college was like even before we started it,” said Eguia. “They helped us select a college and monitored our grades while we were at Georgia College.”


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