Alumna helps homeless through her work

  • Kasia Shaw, Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) – family nurse practitioner (FNP), ’15, helps those who are underserved; more specifically, the homeless.
  • A veteran who served her country for five years, Shaw was instrumental in implementing the first of its kind medical respite program that is part of the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network (A-SPAN) Homeless Services Center in Arlington County, Virginia. A-SPAN’s mission is housing first. However, while the homeless clients are in the shelter or connected through the outreach day program, they have access to medical care and a place to recover from an illness, surgery or injury. Although the medical respite program opened in October 2015, Shaw has provided full time medical care to the vulnerable homeless population since June 2015.
  • Quote from Shaw: “What really caught my attention about this job posting for A-SPAN was the description ‘providing medical care to the homeless and veterans,’” said Shaw. “That phrase pretty much solidified for me that this was the right job since my husband and I are both army veterans. I saw this as an opportunity to give back and to help those who were less fortunate than my husband and I after parting ways with the military.”
  • When Shaw was a student at Georgia College, she worked a portion of her clinical hours at the Daybreak Clinic in Macon, which gave her first-hand experience in working with the homeless and under-served populations.
  • Quote from Dr. Sally Coke: “Kasia did everything we’d hope she would do,” says Coke. “Nothing upsets her. She is willing to take care of anyone regardless of their background or any problems they may be having.”
  • Quote from Shaw: “I feel rewarded every day because my work does not feel like work; it is my passion,” said Shaw. “It warms my heart when people in the shelter or on the street smile at me and tell me they are glad to see me. Many times, they will just stop by to say thank you even months after they received my help.”

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