Dr. Sam Mutiti named Fulbright Scholar

  • Associate Professor Dr. Sam Mutiti recently received a Fulbright Scholar grant. Research that began in 2013 with a study abroad trip for Georgia College students to the southern African nation developed to allow him to spend nearly a year in Zambia researching contamination in a former mining town and teaching students at the University of Zambia.
  • Quote from Mutiti: “The main project I’ll be working on for my Fulbright will be to look at the town of Kabwe that has very high environmental concentration of heavy metals (including lead) that is much higher than anything you would find in any other place in the world. It has been ranked one of the most polluted places in the world,” said Mutiti, Biological and Environmental Sciences faculty member.
  • Mutiti will work to answer several key questions while there including how can the people live with such levels of the poisonous lead in their blood.
  • Quote from Indirem Pillay: “This award further exemplifies our commitment to building authentic international connections with institutions of learning around the world,” said Dr. Indiren Pillay, chair of the Department of Biological and Environmental sciences. “Dr. Mutiti has already been instrumental in exposing students to study and research on the African continent, and this opportunity will lead to even more international learning opportunities for our students in Biological and Environmental Sciences.”
  • In all, Mutiti will research and teach in the African country from October 2016 through mid-August 2017.




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