Student athlete named Georgia’s most positive collegiate athlete

  • Ryan Blumenthal (Acworth), a senior guard on the Georgia College Men’s Basketball team has been named the 2015-16 Most Positive Collegiate Athlete by Positive Athlete Georgia, an organization started by former University of Georgia football and Pittsburgh Steelers star Hines Ward.
  • Quote from Hines Ward: “We looked a dozens of collegiate student-athletes who have either overcome difficult circumstances, give back to their communities, or are making a statement about the importance of academics,” said Ward. “Ryan Blumenthal has all three components.”
  • Blumenthal is one of a group of four Georgia College marketing majors who recently had a research paper accepted for presentation at the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). The paper is derived from a project they conducted for a client in the community, and was titled “FOG Awareness, Advertisement Effectiveness and Intentions of Middle School Students: An Empirical Study.” Theirs was selected from more than 4,000 submissions to present their findings to peers, faculty and staff from all across the nation.
  • About the Award: Ward and Atlanta businessman Scott Pederson created Positive Athlete as a movement for more positivity in youth sports.  In addition to excellence on the field, each nominated Positive Athlete was required to show characteristics such as an optimistic attitude, teammate encouragement, servant leadership, heart for others, ability to admit imperfections, giving 100 percent all the time, and realizing the team as more important than the individual.

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