History major becomes first GC student to study abroad at Oxford

  • Anna Democko, a history major, became the first Georgia College student to take advantage of this new partnership between Georgia College and Oxford during the fall 2015 semester.
  • During her time at Oxford, she impressed faculty with her dedication and work ethic.
  • Quote from Dr. Elliot-Gower: “The Regents Park, Oxford Program is, with its focus on tutorial-style teaching and learning, very reading- and writing-intensive,” said Dr. Steven Elliot-Gower, director of the Georgia College Honors Program. “Anna apparently adapted very well to the demanding style of instruction at Oxford University. Her dons wrote glowing reviews of her work.”
  • Her time studying across the pond gave her new experiences both in and out of the  classroom.
  • Quote from Democko: “I met a lot of really great students there that I’m still in touch with, and working with my tutors over there I learned a lot,” said Democko. “I was also fortunate to see a lot of really great speakers that came to Oxford. I saw Elton John, Vanessa Redgrave, Eva Longoria, just a lot of different people. It was really cool.”

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