Senior’s volunteer hours create $27,000 impact

  • Jennie Pless is a double major in psychology and liberal studies, as well as two minors in women’s studies and health education and an active member of A.N.G.E.L.S. (AIDS Now Grasps Every Living Soul).
  • She has volunteered a total of 1,173 hours at various on and off-campus organizations. Using the nationwide value of volunteer time, as estimated by the Independent Sector, those hours equate to a $27,061 economic impact.
  • She had the largest economic impact in relation to her volunteer hours.
  • Pless has also performed undergraduate research focused on sexual health. The research assessed condom embarrassment, self-efficacy and acquisition among GC students. The research will be presented in the annual GC Women’s Studies conference.
  • Quote from Jennie Pless: “A large part of why I volunteer is because of how my mom raised me,” said Pless. “She was a teacher, and she always showed me how important it was to help other people.”

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