Student receives Presidential Leadership Award

  • The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute presented Jonathan Mangrum with the Presidential Leadership Award during the Spring 2017 semester of the Leadership and the American Presidency (LTAP) program.
  • Mangrum was selected as the individual from his cohort who demonstrated thoughtful, measured and admirable leadership reflective of this award.
  • The Presidential Leadership Award is awarded to a student who demonstrates exemplary growth in leadership throughout their time with the LTAP program. Mangrum was a clear leader amongst his peers during his time with the LTAP program, and continued to grow as a leader through thoughtful inquiry. His actions and behavior were consistently reflective of a citizen leader, and his zeal for learning was evident in all that he did.
  • The Leadership and the American Presidency program is designed to identify student leaders who demonstrate leadership potential on their campuses and in their communities, and offer them an experience to elevate that leadership in practice here in Washington, DC. Students are challenged in their internships, through rigorous coursework, and experiential learning.

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