Student researchers coordinate project to track music of 2016 presidential campaign

  • Several Georgia College students and faculty members are coordinating a project through which, for the first time, a presidential campaign will be documented by the beats and lyrics played on the trail.
  • From Bernie Sanders’s use of “Rockin’ in the Free World” to Donald Trump playing “Eye of the Tiger” at his rallies, the students track the music to add to  Trax on the Trail’s growing database.
  • Kitts and McClain are also working with faculty to co-author research papers for the site.
  • Creating quite a buzz since its launch in December 2015, the Trax on the Trail project has been featured by media outlets including the Boston Herald and Atlanta Business Chronicle, among others.
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The Max Noah Singers’ trip to Europe

  • The Max Noah Singers will tour performing at an international festival in two European artistic centers – Budapest and Vienna.
  • MNS will perform concerts with the Bob Jones University Singers on Wednesday, May 25 at the Aula Szent Imre Gimnazium in Budapest, Hungary, and on Saturday, May 28 at the prestigious Peterskirche in Vienna, Austria. They will combine with five other choirs to perform Haydn’s “Lord Nelson Mass.”
  • For music composer and member of the MNS Cannon McClain, ’16, it will be a very delightful experience as he will get to hear his own works being performed.
  • Quote from Tevauri Marshall: “Being in Max Noah Singers means that you’re held to a higher standard,” says Marshall. “It’s the only auditioned choir. It means that it’s ultimately your responsibility to learn your music on time. More importantly, it means that you’ll be able to meet people who have the same passion for choral music as you do.”

Trax on the Trail – GC students create research website about presidential campaign music

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  • Created by assistant professor of music at Georgia College Dana Gorzelany-Mostak, Trax on the Trail ( has contributors across the country, and seeks to map the musical landscape of a presidential campaign for the first time in history.
  • Sarah Kitts, junior music student at Georgia College, is one of four research assistants for Trax on the Trail. She and other researchers are constantly tracking all musical activity on the campaign trail, including music used in candidate advertisements, songs played at campaign events and fundraising concerts, and campaign-themed music created by users on sites such as YouTube. Quote: “As a student and researcher, I have learned so much about presidential campaigns I had never even considered … It is interesting to see the music that each candidate chooses and how it fits into their campaign,” Kitts said.
  • The Music Division at The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts has taken interest in Trax on the Trail.
  • Trax on the Trail uses FacebookTwitter and Tumblr to regularly post related articles from media outlets to inspire thought and engagement in followers who are interested in the subject. Trax on the Trail staff will also join with WRGC 88.3 FM to host a regular radio show for listeners who want to learn more about campaign music.